Dagbametey Crystals FCDagbametey Crystals Football Club

soccer ballEstablished in 2008 by the village elders and Dagbamete's youth, the Crystals Football Club began play as a third division team in the Akatsi District. In early 2009 the team placed first in tournament play and was promoted to the second division in January 2010. Later that year, the Crystals competed in a Volta Regional Football Association tournament and placed fourth out of 55 teams. The team beat older second division teams that had joined the league years earlier. The team's performance surprised the whole region.

In 2011 the team is the leading club in the Akatsi District and it again competed in the Volta Regional second division tournament. Although the team qualified for promotion to the first division, the team was not able to advance due to financial limitations.

Currently the team is looking for a sponsor to help realize its dream of playing in the first division. If you are interested in sponsoring the Crystals team, please contact the team manager Fred Kwasi Dunyo at

Dagbametey Crystals FC
DirectorTorgbui Klu Agudzeamegah II
ChairmanS.N.K. Davor
SecretaryEdward Gleve
Welfare OfficerGrace Efua Davor
Team ManagerFred Dunyo
PatronC.R.K. Davor